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Ameer Gurung

Ameer has a passion for guest service and a willingness to learn attitude took him on his journey to find a job in one of the busiest bars in Lan Kwai Fong where he started as a server and was promoted to a bartender at the early age of 18.

After working there for half a year, in search of better opportunities, he moved to Insomnia where he spent a year working as a bartender.

Bar Manager "Rummin Tings"

Having worked in different restaurants as a head bartender Ameer went
to work in Armani Privé to gain better knowledge about cocktails. This also made it easier for him to find a job at Fatty Crab, which was one of the hottest bars in HK at the time, where he got the opportunity to study more about cocktails and enhance his knowledge.

ameer bio.jpg

His passion for mixology brought him to Rummin’ Tings where he currently runs the show as Bar Manager.

He is a self-starter, always driven to provide guests with the best service and makes them feel at home. Ameer is a firm believer in teamwork and feels success lies in the effort – he has proven there is no substitute for hard work.

Besides work traveling, photography and
motorbike riding is the things that keep him happy.

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