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Ezac Gurung

Happiness is brought to you at anytime by Ezac who you'll find doing his thing mixing spirits and shaking up cocktails at Amalfitana Central.


Ezac has been making the quality tipples for more than 6 years. He rose from humble beginnings in Hong Kong, where he made his first cocktails at the age of just 18. 


Ezac started out in the industry at the young age as a barista before becoming a bartender. He says, “While as a barista, I went to a friend’s bar and found that his job as a bartender was more exciting and interesting – creating drinks and interacting with the guests.”


Bar Manager "Amalfitana Central"

“So, I wanted to become a bartender too – by joining a bar to gain experience and knowledge where I learned from the manager as well as from other bartenders. I also read a lot of cocktail books and watched bartenders creating cocktails on the internet.” 


Ezac spent his time mostly around Soho cocktail bars, “churning out drinks, tasting, learning,” as well as soaking up all information he could from his industry friends and peers around.


Ezac’s plan for the Amalfitana bar is to leave guests feeling both at home and constantly engaged as far as mixology goes and sends goodness in the form of generous pours and one too many limoncellos!

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