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Jéan-Morné Leibbrandt

Born and raised in South Africa, and grew up in the Cape Town. Having started his journey in the Food and Beverage industry at the age of sixteen, he found his passion. He continued his path in the Food and Beverage industry starting as a server filling position,  up until he became manager. Always looking for more experience he has had the pleasure of working in a variety of restaurants ranging from boutique style restaurants to a 610 seater franchise restaurant.

Assistant General Manager
"Amalfitana Repulse Bay"

New to Hong Kong Jéan joined the Amalfitana team. Where he has been able to gain new knowledge and experience, and share his experience with the rest of the team.


Jéan is passionate about caring for animals and spends most of his free time with his pet dog and cats. Also enjoying the outdoors, good food and working with people from diverse backgrounds. Always looking to experience new and exciting things. 

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