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Management Intern

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work under GM’s to manage day to day operations, service, training and tasks for Amalfitana, Rummin’ Tings and Fratelli

  • Work with GM’s and partners on Financial Reporting and all accounting procedures all group venues and projects

  • Help with 8 creATEive group unveiling into the market. Venues currently include Rummin’ Tings, Amalfitana, Fratelli and more to come

  • Head the sourcing and design of materials needed for daily operations by directly contacting suppliers

  • Work hand in hand with partners on managing and getting the right PR from our database and beyond. Host monthly journalists. Invite the right food and lifestyle bloggers

  • Assist in the organization of parties and events for holidays, including Halloween, New Years, etc.

  • Approach corporates, brands we can work with on Events both offsite and onsite. Be part of the team for events such as Clockenflap, Wine & Dine, ZoukOut, music festivals etc.

  • Spearheading actual onsite events, tasks such as coordination of live bands, quizmasters, dj etc. and other initiatives to come

  • Develop outside Catering with corporates and private parties, boats etc.

  • Database Management - maintain database regularly

  • Oversee Social Media strategy

  • Shadow manager, help coordinate the floor

  • Be prepared to take on several projects

  • Be part of the family and someone to be seen regularly at the venues - Face of the Place

  • Observe the service by working the floor/hosting on weekends


  • Outgoing, personable, flexible, team player with high attention to detail

  • Interested in food, drinks, and providing hospitality

  • Creative, innovative • Skilled in maintaining relationships

  • Keen on learning about new products

  • Continually strive to exceed standards and expectations

  • Skill in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator highly recommended

  • Strong knowledge of social media outlets and their functions

  • Fully computer literate


  • 6 months


  • HKD$10,000 per month


  • Staff discount at all 8 creATEive venues

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