Noel Haynes

Noel Haynes is an experienced, successful DJ from Barbados who is currently based in Hong Kong.

He has always collected music since he was a teenager growing up in the Caribbean during the early 80’s.

A friend who had seen Noel's extensive collection of vinyl encouraged him to share his love of music with

others by DJ-ing. That was the beginning of a career that has spanned over two decades so far.

Music Director

Noel’s eclectic musical style is deeply rooted in the sounds of the Caribbean and includes Reggae, Soca, Calypso as well as Funk, Hip- Hop, Disco & House Music.When Noel relocated to Brooklyn, New york City, he started organizing and spinning at house parties. As his reputation grew, these events quickly became known as the ones not to be missed. As he became more well known, he was frequently invited to spin at private parties in the surrounding boroughs of the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan as well as at house parties, weddings, party boats and private yachts.

Noel has DJ’d in Hong Kong, Nepal, Tunisia, Barbados, St. Lucia and throughout New York state and Washington D.C. His travels help him to continually expand his musical arsenal, which has grown to include many world music genres including Middle Eastern, Indian, and Nepalese sounds. Over the past few years, he has also added Electro Swing and Northern Soul to his mix.

He has spent many happy hours crate digging in specialty record shops in London searching out that elusive import or garage hit.

Noel truly believes that “music knows no boundaries”.

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