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Noel Haynes

Born in Barbados and now based in Hong Kong, Noel started to share his love of music through DJ-ing in the early 90s, at the encouragement of a friend upon seeing his collection of vinyl.

Noel plays music from all genres in an open-format style. Having DJ'd in Hong Kong, Nepal, Tunisia, Barbados, St Lucia and throughout New York state and Washington D.C., his travels continue to expand his musical arsenal. Over the past few years, he's added world music, Electro Swing and Northern Soul to his mix.

Music Director

Noel sought music to add to his collection no matter which part of the globe his travels took him. Be it the unknown talent at a bespoke bar in Barbados, or the garage hit uncovered from crate-digging in London's record shops, Noel truly believes "music knows no boundaries". When he gets behind the deck, it's less for the spotlight but for creating a good vibe for everyone.


He describes this as instinctual as if "responding to telepathic messages [he] picks up from the crowd" through their movement and vibe. His modest goal is to turn your ordinary evening into a memorable one with songs that move your body and soul.

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