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Rummin’ Tings New Cocktail Menu

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

We have lots of exciting things in the works to mark our 4 years milestone including a brand new cocktail menu by our Group Beverage Manager, Amrit Kumar Gurung and Ameer Gurung, Bar Manager Rummin’ Tings.

Ameer Gurung on the left and Amrit Kumar Gurung on the right.


Cheezy Bob, blue cheese infused absolut vodka, lemon juice, amaretto, walnut bitters, sugar syrup, egg white (HK$110)


Gin Ger Gel, fresh ginger, beefeater gin, frangelico, lime juice, sugar syrup, ginger ale, rosemary (HK$100)


Truffarita, truffle infused olmeca tequila, mancino bianco, lime juice, sugar syrup, thyme (HK$110)


Passionate Buttah, cinnamon and butter infused plantation 3 star rum, passion fruit, lime, basil leaves (HK$110)


Bride & Tings, plantation stiggin’s fancy pineapple rum, passion fruit syrup, honey syrup, fresh lime juice, vanilla syrup, prosecco (HK$120)


Angry Bird, plantation original dark rum, alipus san baltazar, cynar, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, scrappy’s firewater tincture (HK110)


For those looking for a lighter & refreshing option we have:

Rummin’ Spritz, captain morgan spiced rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup, grenadine, orange zest, soda (HK$90).


For our whisky lovers we bring you our smoky and strong:

Sazertini, sugar cube, remy martin vsop, talisker 10 single malt whisky, punt e mas, peychaud’s bitters, orange peel (HK$130)


Rummin’ Tings wouldn’t quite be the same without a couple of big pitchers to share.

Straight Fire, orange wedge, plantation 3 star rum, koko kanu coconut, plantation over proof rum, lavender syrup, lemon juice, sprite (HK$450)

Dutty Wine, plantation 3 star rum, plantation dark rum, pink pigeon rum, red wine, citrus, cloves, cinnamon, fresh fruits (HK$450).


Boasting a wide selection of rums we also have our very own homemade Rum infusions

Cigar wood / Pineapple vanilla / Apple cinnamon / Spiced Rum (HK$ 110).


Halloween at Rummin'Tings

Spooky times are around the corner and Rummin’ Tings is all set to bring you a Tiki Haunted Halloween with DJ Noel on the decks from 7pm until late on Sat 27 Oct… all are welcome and think retro green lights, tiki island zombies and tropical potions!

28 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong


#rummintings @rummintings

Open Daily: 12pm-2am

Island Hour: 3pm-7pm Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm Sat

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