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Pradip Malbul

“Nothing brings people together like a good food does”. Pradip Malbul is currently working as  Head Chef of Fratelli. He was born and raised in Nepal, the land of Mount Everest and birth place of Buddha. During Pradip’s childhood he never had the passion of cooking food nor was he a foodie. Becoming an Italian chef was not among the faintest of his imagination during his formative years back in Nepal. In 1997 Pradip’s parents were presented with an opportunity to immigrate Hong Kong permanently.


Around the year 2002, Pradip started living in Hong Kong permanently. In search of job he found the F&B industry was the reputed and highly praised industry to work in. From there his journey to become a chef began. In 2003, without any initial training or knowledge of food culture Pradip started his career in the kitchen as a kitchen helper in a sandwich shop. From then until today Pradip has been working inside the kitchen continuously handling numerous different positions.




As time went by Pradip had the opportunity to work with different skilled chefs from whom he gained a lot of knowledge regarding food, starting from scratch to the table. In the 17 years of his career Pradip has worked in different positions from Comims chef to Executive Chef. During this journey he has been able to collect lots of knowledge on Italian as well as Japanese, American and Mediterranean cuisines. In all these years his love for food has deepened tremendously. Pradip is a believer in hard work and also that one should “Create a dish to express not to impress”.


Head Chef
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