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Co-Founder & Director

Rohit Roopchand

Having lived and worked in various parts of the world, Rohit has developed an unparalleled love for food. A live to eat approach has resulted in sampling of cuisines world wide including food focused eating adventures. His previous job saw him working at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in New York on the finance and operations side. With a high level of attention to detail required,

the job gave Rohit a keen eye for the little things and a solid background in accounting for investment companies. His love for quality food combined with the aesthetics and atmosphere of places and service has resulted in a passionate quest to dive into the F&B industry,

opening up a restaurant called Fatty Crab in Hong Kong, which serves non-traditional Southeast Asian food in a cool, urban, environment. From there other ventures include The Pontiac, Rummin' Tings, Fratelli and Amalfitana in Hong Kong and Neon Pigeon, Fat Prince, Summerlong, and The Ottomani in Singapore. 

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