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Rummin'Tings NYE Beach Party

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As we say goodbye to 2018 lets wash away the worries of the past, breathe in and embrace the positivity of the future...End your Old Year with the soulful vibes of laughter, sh*t talk, shots and shaking of asses as we ingest bottles of rum, beers and bubbly prosecco down by the sea side... 

Ladies Kick off those heels... Gentlemen undo those bow ties and slide your way onto the sandy dance floor side by side with the waves.

Curious yet? Don't be shy, pass by Rummin'tings and kick off the night with a welcome drink on us! Rest assured we're only getting started, our shuttles will be waiting for you at 9:30pm to lead you to the seaside where drinks will flow so you can wine down low.

As the night comes to a close the bus leave at 2:00am make sure you know where to find your shoes... Hello 2019

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